Where to put your lab book?

Did you ever wonder about things such as how to format your lab journal or where to store it?

Back in 2012, I attended a seminar about good scientific practice by Prof. Dr. Reinhard Hoffmann [1] at our university. Prof. Hoffmann knew a lot of stories and shared some of his experiences about laboratory accidents, lab journal styles, authorship, and many more. Due to all the stories and experiences, which he told in a very amusing manner, we had a good laugh, yet still the seminar was very informative.

One of the most important things, of course, is the question where to store your lab journal! Did you thought – like I did – it would be a good idea to put it just on top of your desk? Oh, there could be a fire! Then, let’s put it in the most bottom drawer of the desk! Oh, what about flooding? So, the best place for your lab journal is the 2nd-to-last-drawer:

Figure 1. Put your lab book in the 2nd-to-last drawer!

Figure 1. Put your lab book in the 2nd-to-last drawer!


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