Software: Ancient Origin version (2.74)

Last friday, we needed an old 3.5″ floppy disk to backup an old system we wanted to replace. So, I was searching our offices and labs, and found an very old (but working) disk.

To my surprise, this disk contained a very old version of Origin, viz. 2.74 from 1991! It was packed in an old archive type (ARJ) to fit onto the disk (unpacked: 2.62 MB!). It still works on my Windows XP machine.

Of course, modern features such as project managment and context menus are missing. However, it also possesses features, which the current version lacks: fast start, no annoying copy protection, and a clear and simple GUI. Below, you can see a screenshot of it.

Figure 1. Screenshot of Origin 2.74.

Figure 1. Screenshot of Origin 2.74. Note the clear and simple GUI.

I wonder at which point the development created this huge multi-gigabyte monster of today?

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    1. Sven KochmannSven Kochmann Post author


      I am sorry, but if you want to use Origin you have to buy it. I cannot give you a copy.

      However, you can try to use QtiPlot (see my post on it here) – it has the same abilities and almost the same GUI. And it is free (and open source!)! Give it a try! 🙂


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