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Thomson Reuters, spamming you since 2008!

The last few days I got two spam mails from Thomson Reuters. Same wording. Searching the web, I found out that a) other got these mails, too, and b) that the wording of this emails have not changed since 2008! Only the links, which now point towards thomsonreuters-authorconnect.com (I removed them and some HTML from the message below):

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 19:50:11 -0400
Reply-To: “ISI Research” <...@thomsonreuters-authorconnect.com>
From: “ISI Research”
To: “S Kochmann”
Subject: Urgent: Breaking news for publishing authors
MIME-Version: 1.0

ISI Opt-in

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Dear S,

Please be aware that newly enacted e-mail legislation prohibits
future contact with you if we do not receive a reply to this
communication. To ensure that you receive critical breaking
news and information about your field, please reply promptly
by clicking here.
I am certain that you will find this information intriguing and
essential to your work.

As a publishing author represented within Current Contents®,
Biosis Previews®, or Web of ScienceSM, from Thomson Reuters,
you require the latest news and resources to stay current in your
area of research. That’s why we think you’ll benefit from getting
valuable research information right at your desktop. At no cost
or obligation!

From time to time, we would like to e-mail you:

  • “Call for Papers” requests from scholarly publishers
  • News related to your field of research
  • Information about journals and books in your areas of interest
  • New scientific applications relevant to your field of research

From time to time, Thomson Reuters works with other companies to provide you with information about relevant third party product and service offerings that may be of interest to you. Your business contact information may be made available to such other companies to facilitate communications.

If you would like to receive information from Thomson Reuters or
other carefully selected organizations,
click here.

We hope you will find this information intriguing and essential
to your work.


George Kowal

Web of Science & Biosis Author Connect®
Thomson Reuters
1500 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Looking at the salutation and the to-header, viz. ‘Dear S’ and ‘S Kochmann’, it is clear to me that they are generating the mails from some publication database (probably Web of Science?). Bernd-Christoph Kaemper suggests that they are one of the biggest address dealers in the scientific world. They do their business by exploiting the names of ISI & co. I think he is right…

No, Thomson Reuters, I do NOT want you to mail me. Never.